In cooperation with children, teachers, students, and a few experts, our school has developed a learning platform (database) with digital training videos, games, visual material, digital booklets, etc. Through these videos, children can review instructions for particular subject matter.

This learning platform also contains a digital portfolio, a complete showcase of the children’s skills and achievements both at school and in their spare time. This tool provides a global perspective on the child’s personality. It’s a collection of everything that children know and can do, what they like and dislike, and what they’re interested in, both inside and outside the classroom.

This allows us to create an actual mirror in which children can recognize themselves and get a view of their entire personality and their development process. Furthermore, it improves the ability to do things independently, urges to self-reflection, and contributes to gaining an understanding of their learning to learn process. Children become aware of their talents.

Teachers and parents also get a broader image of the child and information can be exchanged between pupils and teachers. It’s a portfolio of development, presentation and work, by the children and for the children.

Although this portfolio is already used in the third year of kindergarten and the first year of primary school, it is continuously being developed, evaluated and adjusted if necessary. After all, it needs to be user-friendly for all sides: teachers, parents and of course the children themselves. Through the digital portfolio we want to give our pupils a more specific view on their future education and we trust that the right decisions will be made. Because our children are the future in which we need to invest.

Ann Trouvé - headmaster Henri D'Haese

Concept: Vanessa Janssens

Developement: Gemeentelijke basisschool Henri D’ Haese, Gentbrugge
Mister box vzw i.c.w. Pedagogische Begeleidingsdienst Stad Gent